Choose the modules that you need.


Rollups consist of all the modules in Pure. There are two rollups available - a regular (responsive) one, and a non-responsive one. Choose that one that's right for your project.

Name URL Size (gzip)
Responsive Rollup 4.5KB
Non-Responsive Rollup 4.2KB

Alternate CDNs

The main host for Pure is the Yahoo! CDN where Pure is available over HTTP and individual modules can be combined together in a single combo request. The following table lists alternate CDNs where Pure is hosted.

cdnjs // Yes No
OSS MaxCDN // Yes No
Staticfile No No

Note: If the latest version of Pure is not yet on one of the alternate CDNs, please contact them to update to the latest version of Pure: 0.4.2.

Individual Modules

You can also pull in the modules individually. The Yahoo! CDN supports combo handling, so you can combo your requests and get a single CSS file back. Here's an example of a combo URL that only includes CSS for Base, Grids, and Forms:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
Name URL
Forms (Responsive)
Forms (Non-Responsive)
Grids (Responsive)
Grids (Non-Responsive)
Menus (Responsive)
Menus (Non-Responsive)


Pure comes with a minimalistic style that allows you to customize it with your own CSS. The YUI Skin Builder is a great tool to use if you need help developing a theme. With a single click, the Skin Builder is able to generate all the CSS necessary to theme Pure.

Launch Skin Builder

Contribute on GitHub

Pure is an open-source project under the BSD License. We welcome issues, pull requests, and feedback. Check out our repo on GitHub.