Choose the modules that you need.


Rollups consist of all the modules in Pure. There are two rollups available - a regular (responsive) one, and a non-responsive one. Choose that one that's right for your project.

NameURLSize (gzip)
Responsive Rollup
Non-Responsive Rollup

Alternate CDNs

The main host for Pure is the jsDelivr CDN where Pure is available over HTTPS. The following table lists alternate CDNs where Pure is hosted.


Note: If the latest version of Pure is not yet on one of the alternate CDNs, please contact them to update to the latest version of Pure: 3.0.0.

Individual Modules

You can also pull in the following modules individually.

Forms (Responsive)
Forms (Non-Responsive)
Grids (Base)
Grids (Responsive)
Menus (Responsive)

Combo Handling

jsDelivr is also a CDN that supports combo handling. Here's an example of a combo URL that includes the same CSS Base, Grids, and Forms as above.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="//,npm/purecss@3.0.0/build/grids-min.css,npm/purecss@3.0.0/build/forms-min.css" />

See the jsDelivr combo handler documentation to learn more about its features.

Using Pure with Google AMP

Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) allow web pages to get pre-rendered on Google at the cost of restrictions on JS and CSS, such as completely inlining all styles rather than using stylesheets in external files such as those hosted at the CDNs mentioned above.

Furthermore, AMP disallows some CSS functionality. In Pure, the only bit currently used disallowed by AMP is '!important', currently used in the definition of the '.hidden' helper class. Removing this modifier should suffice to render Pure usable with AMP.

Contribute on GitHub

Pure is an open-source project under the BSD License. We welcome issues, pull requests, and feedback. Check out our repo on GitHub.